Flower Delivery

If you can’t deliver it personally, Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art will get your flowers there quickly and hassle-free.

Same day delivery orders in Christchurch and Rangiora can be placed up to 12pm for the same day delivery.

Flowers are delivered in Christchurch, Rangiora, Waimakariri and Hurunui Districts from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm by the courier.
Outer Areas and Wider Outer Areas Monday to Friday delivery only.

Deliveries are not available on Saturday, Sunday, Long weekends and NZ Public Holidays.
Deliveries at specific times of the day can be requested but not guaranteed.

Christchurch - Monday to Friday $20.00
Rangiora - Monday to Friday $15.00
Outer Areas - Monday to Friday $15.00-$30.00

Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art supplies to a large customer region, hence the importance to contact Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art for specific delivery charges.

Deliveries to Outer Areas and Wider Outer Areas may incur extra charges and if applicable you will be notified when your order is personally accepted.
Please contact Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art on (03) 3131 043 re National and International orders.
The courier charges per item.

If you live in the Rangiora region we are more than happy for you to come into our store and personally collect your flowers at no extra cost.

All deliveries made to hospitals must include the ward name and or number in the relevant address field.
If you don’t have access to this Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art will personally phone the hospital and get the ward details on your behalf.
Any order omitting these details may not be accepted for delivery by the hospital reception.
Note Christchurch Women’s transfer their maternity patients very fast and we suggest you send the flowers once they have moved to their second hospital.
If a patient has been discharged by the time the courier gets to the hospital, our Re-Delivery Policy will apply.

Re-Delivery Policy
If Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art has to re-deliver an order Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art or Courier will get a new delivery address from either the hospital, place of employment and then will re-deliver to the new address.
If there is no new address available Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art or Courier will contact the receiver by phone to discuss a new delivery address.
If Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art or Courier is unable to contact the receiver direct, Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art will then make contact with the sender.
There will be an additional $15 re-delivery fee charged to the sender for the re- delivery of the order.
If contact cannot be made with the receiver or the sender and the order has to be returned to Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art this is classed as a re-delivery.
If the order is returned to Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art by the courier, once the correct details are available and the order can be delivered there is a second $15 re-delivery fee charged to the sender for the second re-delivery of the order.
Some examples of instances that incur a re-delivery fee are as follows;

If there are locked gates and no access for the courier
Unrestrained dogs on the property
Patient has been discharged from hospital, transferred to another hospital
Unsafe to leave flowers in a unsecure area or due to wet or windy weather
Receiver is not at place of employment on delivery day
Incorrect delivery address supplied

Urgent Delivery
If your order is urgent please call our design store for up to the minute advice on delivery availability (03) 313 1043.
As a guide an Urgent Delivery is a two hour service from time of personally discussing and placing your order with a Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art florist.
Fi’s Flowers ‘n’ Art has the right to decline the Urgent Delivery service if the florist feels they cannot fulfil the request.
Deliveries to Business, Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Military Bases, Jails or similar institutions will be delivered to reception areas only and considered delivered.